This half term we are thinking about Compassion in collective worship.
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Autumn 2 2020

Week 7 - Wishing all of Seahorse's family and friends a very Merry Christmas.

This week the children had a fun week filled with Christmas activities.

Firstly we had a competition to see who can make the longest decorative paper chain to make our classroom look even more festive.

The children also made Christmas cards, new year calendars, heart baubles, friendship hand wreaths and Christmas trees.

On top of this we also had our Christmas party and our carol service rehearsals and performances and finished off by watching the King's Theatre pantomime.


The children had a nice surprise at the start of our week when Caroline from Scarf very kindly came back into see us after we missed out on working with her during our week in isolation.

We discussed how we can keep ourselves healthy through what we eat and learnt how the digestive system. Through state of the art technology we were able to go inside Mr Dickenson's body and see how the digestive and circulatory systems work. 

The children were also able to discuss and explore feelings and bullying by helping Harold the giraffe organise and run a party for his friends.

Week 6 - Give a little love


As love is one of our school values, what better way to develop our learning and understanding than using the John Lewis Christmas advert - "Give a little Love". This week the children have investigated how the value of love is shown throughout the advert and how it creates a circle of love - showing that one good turn deserves another and spreading the love. The children enjoyed creating their own freeze frames from the advert to explore how each of the characters feel and created a descriptive word bank.


This week in maths we have been looking at different ways numbers can be represented and then using multi representations to help us solve Christmas word problems.

Design and Technology

Linked to our learning about the great fire of London the children have been exploring fire engines through looking at how they have changed over the years and how wheels and axles help a vehicle move. The children then got to design and make their own fire engines.

Science - Plants

This half term the children have been learning about how plants grow. For one of our experiments we wanted to see if it was possible for seeds to grow without any soil. A couple of weeks ago we bagged and watered some broad bean seeds and predicted that nothing was really going to happen as their was no soil. We put the children's seeds in the window so that they could get sunlight and put Mr Dickenson's and Mrs Fennell's in the cupboard so they didn't get any light. This week the children were shocked to see that some of the broad bean seeds had actually sprouted roots. Even more shocking, the seeds in the cupboard had sprouted even bigger roots. The children hypothesised that the roots were seeking the water and the ones in the cupboard grew quicker as it was as dark as it would have been in soil.

Week 5 - Great fire of London

We would love to thank everyone for their fantastic efforts with the London Tudor house projects. They look amazing and have really helped the children understand one of the main reasons why the city of London burnt so badly and why the fire spread so far. On Thursday we created our own miniature City of London to walk through and admire everyone's work.

From what they have learnt the children believe the reason the fire spread so far was because the houses were all grouped closely together and because they were made out of wood. We decided to put that theory to the test!!!!

RE - Nativities around the world

This week in RE we looked at how the story of the birth of Christ is depicted in nativity scenes around the world. The children compared different pictures and were able to notice that not all the characters are in the nativity which led them to explore who were the most important characters and how they were depicted as being special.

Science - Broad bean experiment

In science we have learnt where our food comes from and explored how the seeds in our food get dispersed in different ways. The children then decided that all seeds needed soil, water, and sunlight to grow and so we have decided to put that theory to the test.

We all have planted broad bean seeds in see-through bags with water in and have recorded how our see looks. We are going to do weekly observations to see if we can spot any changes. Most children don't think anything will happen as there is no soil.....we will wait an see!!!

Mrs Fennel and Mr Dickenson have put their seeds in the cupboard to see if no light also effects the seeds. 

Week 4

As a hook for our new writing journal book the children had to find an alternative way into our classroom....through THE TUNNEL!!!


The Tunnel hook

The children have really enjoyed learning the portal story "The Tunnel" by Anthony Browne. The have been brilliant detectives and looked through the illustrations for clues to other stories that build and develop the main written story. To help develop their understanding of how the characters feel during the story, the children created their own freeze frames from the illustrations in the book and discussed what each character might be saying in that moment.

Design and Technology

This week the children learned about wheels and axles and explored how changing where the axles position was in relation to the wheel changed how the wheels and axels moved.


This week the children have been learning about the charity Tusk and the work it does in Africa. To start off the week, the children looked at an advertisement for a job as a poacher and debated how this was wrong due to the fact that animals were being killed and becoming endangered but at the same time people needing money.


The children then used their scanning reading technique to find out useful facts and different information about the different tasks Tusk undertakes in Africa. They found out that some people help Tusk by becoming security guards that try to protect endangered animals from poachers. Tusk also tries to raise awareness about the harm of cutting down the African Rainforest - animals losing their homes and habitats along with harming the environment. Finally they found out about how Tusk have built more schools in African villages that not only teach children how to read and write but also teach them about the importance of protecting the African wildlife and environment.


The children wanted to tell more people about the work that Tusk does and therefore created some videos to share their messages. 


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


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Still image for this video

Week 2 - Remembrance


This week the children have been doing a great deal of thinking about why Remembrance day is important and how this year is extra special as it marks 75 years since the end of WW2 and the 100th year of the Cenotaph and covid's effects on celebrations.

The children listened to the story of "where the poppies now grow" and discussed the symbolic importance of the poppy. We then read John McCrae's poem Flanders Field and drew pictures of what we visualised  when we read the different verses. 

The children decided they wanted to make a display to remind everyone passing our school about the importance of Remembrance day and so wrote down wishes they had, either about the future, or for the thousand of soldiers who lost their lives. This is now in our class window for all to see.


In maths this week we have been exploring fractions. Using their previous knowledge of dividing by 2, the children were able to halve different amounts practically by dividing their arrays into 2. The children then went on to discover that when you halve a half you get a quarter!! This meant we were able to work out what a quarter of different amounts were by halving and then halving again. The children then applied this knowledge when we looked at shapes and were able to divide various shapes by different fractions and label each fraction.



Through Meerkat Mail this week we have been applying "er" and "est" suffixes to adjectives and using exclamatory sentences to help Sunny the Meerkat explain how he was feeling at the different places he stay at during his travels. We then started to look for a suitable new home for Sunny in school. We will be using these pictures and the childrens' ideas for homes next week when we write a letter to Sunny's family.

Children in need day

We had a great children in need morning. We started off the day by joining Joe Wicks for his last 20 minutes of his 24 hour workout. We then discussed what Children in need was all about and how the money raised helps thousands of children in the UK and around the world. We used our reading skills to extract information and answer questions about Pudsey the bear and even managed to draw on our money value knowledge to help Pudsey work out how much money he had collected in his buckets. 

Week 1 - Welcome back.


We hope that you all had a lovely half term break. We have been really impressed with how well the children have come back  and have shown their eagerness to learn this week by doing different types of investigating.


Who does the suitcase belong to??


At the start of the week a suitcase arrived in our classroom without a note. We looked inside and found a variety of photos. We came up with some fantastic inferences to speculate who the case might belong to and explaining our reasons why.  


In the end we came to the conclusion that the suitcase belongs to Sunny the Meerkat and we have started reading Meerkat Mail to find out more about him.

Multiplication and division