This half term we are thinking about Compassion in collective worship.
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Autumn 2 2020

Week 5



This week in mathematics we have been using tens frames and counters to find one more/one less than a given number to 20. Then we solved a bus problem and showed our workings out pictorially. 



This week in English we have been continuing writing parts of our story Excitable Edgar. To help use think of verbs ending in 'ing' to use in our writing about the baking in the film/book we baked mince pies. The children really enjoyed this activity and found them very tasty and yummy! 



The children have spent lots of time this week working hard on learning their lines for our class assembly to tell you all about some of the fun topics and lessons we have been doing in school. They are very excited to share it with you, please see our fabulous video below, we hope you enjoy it! 



Week 4 




This week in Mathematics we were practicing our counting skills. We counted forwards and backwards to 50, as well as counting in 2s and 10s. We also practiced using a number line when counting in 2s and 10s. Can your child show you what they learnt? 






The children are all very excited about our new focus text and video. Excitable Edgar from last years John Lewis Christmas advert. We started the week by making snow globes and describing how the snow moved, looked etc. Then we write some interesting opening sentences and set the scene. Lastly we looked at a video of fire burning and came up with adjectives to describe how it moves, sounds, looks etc. 



This week in PE we practiced throwing and aiming. The children worked in pairs to pass a hoop through the cones and threw their beanbags into the hoop underarm and overarm. 

Week 3 




This week in English the children put all their hard work from the past couple of weeks into action and created a recount of the text Dogger. They worked very hard to produce their finished piece and used past tense verbs, time adverbials and more in their writing. I wonder what exciting text we will be getting stuck into next week! 




This week in Mathematics the children were finding half of a given amount. We started the week by using numicon to create a number line, with a focus on identifying odd and even numbers. Then as the week progressed we began solving problems using resources to find half of a given amount before finding half of an array of objects. 





This term in History our focus is Toys. It was a shame that we were unable to invite parents in to look at all the children's toys that they had made. However, we spent some time looking at each other's superb toys that had been created at home. The children really enjoyed sharing what they had made with their peers and looking at what others had created. We then spent some time comparing new and old toys. The children are very excited by this new topic. 


Guinea Pigs! 


We were also lucky to have the Guinea Pigs back in our class this week so of course we had to squeeze in some time for cuddles. Turtle class love spending time holding the Guinea pigs. 

Week 2 



This week we have been working hard in Mathematics looking at doubling and halving. We found half of a shape and solved problems involving doubling, showing our workings out. The children really enjoyed listening to the Mr.Double Trouble song. 



In English this week we have been delving deeper into the text of Dogger and learning skills such as applying capital letters for names and linking the characters thoughts and feelings to our own experiences. 

Remembrance Week 


This week was remembrance week so we spoke a lot about why we have remembrance day and thought specifically about those men from Catherington Village who fought in the wars for our country. The children played a memory game involving pictures of poppies, remembrance statues, army tanks and church bells etc. Then we created a class poppy wreath that we displayed in a window at the front of the school. Have your children shown you? 

Week 1 


We have had a wonderful first week back and it was delightful hearing all about what the children got up to in the holidays. 


In Maths this week we have been focusing on counting in 2s. We started the week by creating a number line using socks and then the children made their own. We then looked at how to use a number line to count in 2s before focusing on finding how many groups of 2, practically using resources. 



In English this week we started off asking questions about a picture taken from our new text and considering which character the feet might belong to. We also ordered pictures from the story, learnt the meaning of some new vocabulary from the text and thought about how Dave was feeling through some acting out. 



Design and Technology 


This week we started a new topic of Dips and Dippers. We started off by finding out about where the different dips originated from and the key ingredients. We had a go at locating the countries they originate from on a map as well. The best way getting to try lots of different dips such as Guacamole, Salsa and Thousand Island. Lots of the children were very brave and tried all the different dips even if they did not like the look or smell. Can your children talk to you about the different dips they tried and the senses they used to help describe them?