This half term we are thinking about friendship and love in collective worship.
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Autumn 2 2019

WEEK 7 It’s almost the Christmas holidays!

What a super Christmas party we had today Dolphins. We got changed into our party clothes and went to the hall to play some party games. We played pass the parcel, musical statues and chairs and then the corners game. It was great fun.

Then we came back to the classroom for some yummy food.


This week we having been thinking a lot about the importance of Christmas. At the beginning of the week we all thought it was just about Father Christmas and presents but by the end of the week we realised it is actually about the birth of Jesus.

Our nativity performances were amazing, you were all so brave Dolphins and sang beautifully. The adults were very proud of you.

On Tuesday afternoon we went on a walk around the school to learn more about the Christmas story. We had to find pictures and answer questions.

The angel visits Mary.
Mary and Joseph journey to Bethlehem, a long way
Washing after the journey
Jesus is born
What do we like about Christmas?
Jesus is the light of the world


Its beginning to look very Christmassy in Dolphins class this week. We have made our role play house into Father Christmas’ sitting room and built an Elf workshop outside. 

We have practiced our nativity everyday and sometimes with our costumes on. We cant wait for you to see it on Monday or Tuesday. The pictures below show you where we are sitting.
On the left of the stage
On the right of the stage
In maths this week we have been practicing counting on from different starting points and playing snakes and ladders. 
We also used some clay to make some Christmas pots for candles. We had to push the clay really hard to make the right shapes. It also helped to strengthen our fingers. Next week we are going to decorate our clay pots.
We started this week by putting our wet weather gear on and playing in the rain on the field. It was great fun!
We have been building lots of models in discovery time. These models can help us travel to the moon.
In discovery time this week we have been phoning famous people and having a good chat with them, we also made a role play cafe and patterns in coloured sand.
In Phonics this week we finished all the single sounds and spent lots of time looking at tricky words (words you can’t sound out) We made watches with the word ‘was’ written on them. We called them ‘was watches’. We made them to help us remember the word was. 


What a super week we have had Dolphins. 

Openbox theatre company came to visit us on Monday. We had to use our imaginations to tell the story of Jack and the beanstalk. We were really brave and stood up in front of the rest of the class to talk. 


Still image for this video


Still image for this video
We made some yummy carrot cakes and plain cakes to cheer up our parrot and had great fun playing on the field. 
Some of us have been making up our own stories this week. 
We have been strengthening our fingers, elbows and shoulders outside with chalk and inside with elastic bands and boards.


This week we have started learning some lovely Christmas songs for our nativity performance in December. We are really good at singing and already remembering lots of the words.

Outside this week we have been mixing up lots of different ingredients and pretending to make cakes. Some of us even wrote a recipe for other children to follow. We decided that next week we will make some real cakes for our new parrot in the classroom.
Thank you to all our lovely mummy’s and daddy’s who came and had lunch with some of us on Tuesday. We loved it and were so brave when we had to say goodbye after lunch.

Also this week we were thinking about how we can be kind to each other. One of our cuddly parrots was very sad because he felt lonely and left out. So we wrote a letter to him and made cards. This made him happier and he wrote back to us. Now he would like us to make himsome cakes! 

Talk to your child about the importance of being kind to each other and how it makes us feel as well as other people, when we are kind.

Some of us even had a go at writing some ingredients down for the cakes we are going to make.
We loved going on the Life Bus last week. We learnt all about how to help ourselves when we are feeling scared about something. We also learnt about the different parts of our bodies.


Still image for this video



Welcome back Dolphins. We have had a very busy week again. On Monday we started thinking about rememberance day and all the brave people who fought in the war. We each made our own poppy and put them on a big cross. When you come into the school office you can see our big cross. 

Also this week we have loved playing with water, watching it run down pipes and investigating water beads. 

In maths we learnt about the word Estimation and in phonics we learnt the tricky words no and go as well as 4 new sounds. We even had a go at writing this week and we all got a sticker for trying so hard.

We have started doing guided reading where we take turns to look at a book in small groups with an adult. 

H for.........

This week Drew taught us the trick ‘Stand tall’ it’s all about standing up tall and feeling confident.