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Autumn 2 2019

Autumn 2, Week 4


Hello Seahorses! I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend. I’m sure many of you spent time decorating your Christmas trees ready for the count down to Christmas!


Well done for working so hard last week and for thinking carefully about your actions and how you can show our Christian values towards each other daily. I hope to see even more of this next week!


In maths this week, we will be doing some work on fractions. First, we will look at finding halves and quarters of 2-D shapes, then we will find fractions of amounts and solve problems involving fractions.


In writing, we will continue our learning journey using Meerkat Mail, and tomorrow, you will be writing in first person about Sunny’s adventure at Catherington Infant School! Do you think he liked our butterfly garden? 


In design technology, we will be evaluating different bags for life to see which we like and prefer. Perhaps you have a bag for life that you’d like to bring in for this task on Thursday?! 


I look forward to seeing seeing you all bright and early tomorrow!


Mrs Weight 😀

Autumn 2, Week 4

Autumn 2, Week 4 1 We got to meet Charlotte, Sophia’s Little sister!
Autumn 2, Week 4 2 We found out who the top 8 countries...
Autumn 2, Week 4 3 ...for polluting our oceans with plastic are!
Autumn 2, Week 4 4 We found these countries on the world map!
Autumn 2, Week 4 5
Autumn 2, Week 4 6
Autumn 2, Week 4 7
Autumn 2, Week 4 8
Autumn 2, Week 4 9 We worked together!
Autumn 2, Week 4 10 Sunny came to visit!
Autumn 2, Week 4 11
Autumn 2, Week 4 12 We talked about how we help others...
Autumn 2, Week 4 13 ...and how they help us!

Autumn 2, Week 3


Hello lovely Seahorses!


Well done on another busy week. I was particularly impressed with your perseverance with some tricky division by grouping in maths (I hope you've had a good go at this for your homework this week)! Having read your diary entries today, I am amazed at how much effort and pride so many of you are taking with your writing. You should all be very proud. 


Next week, we will be continuing our writing learning journey using our text, 'Meerkat Mail', and this week will start with us creating adjectives using the suffixes -est and -er! We will then be using these words in sentences linked to Meerkat Mail.


In maths, we start the week with an investigation using our multiplication and division skills. Then from Tuesday onwards, we will be learning about shape! As revision of what you know, you could try spotting shapes in the world around you and seeing if you can name them.


In R.E, we will be thinking about what we can do to look after our world and what we are thankful for about our world.


I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

Mrs Weight :)

Autumn 2, Week 3

Autumn 2, Week 3 1 Showing sharing using maths equipment and arrays!
Autumn 2, Week 3 2
Autumn 2, Week 3 3
Autumn 2, Week 3 4
Autumn 2, Week 3 5
Autumn 2, Week 3 6
Autumn 2, Week 3 7 Phonics!
Autumn 2, Week 3 8
Autumn 2, Week 3 9
Autumn 2, Week 3 10 Practising writing our words using water!
Autumn 2, Week 3 11 Solving division word problems with arrays!
Autumn 2, Week 3 12
Autumn 2, Week 3 13

Autumn 2, Week 2


Another busy week has been had by the Seahorse class! I'm looking forward to another packed week of learning fun.


This week in maths, we will be doing some work on division.  You will be using arrays to show division number sentences and solving word problems involving grouping and sharing.


In writing, we have a new exciting text to read! At the end of this writing learning journey, you will be writing a letter in role as the main character from our book. I know you are all going to thoroughly enjoy this text (it's one of my favourites!).


In reading, we will continue to develop our reading skills with a focus this week on inference (clue finding).


In R.E, we will be thinking about what rules we think the creator of the world would put in place for us humans in order to ensure it is well looked after.


In topic, we will be finding out which countries in our world are causing the most plastic pollution to our oceans. I wonder if you can guess?


Weather permitting, in Science, we will be going on a hunt around our school grounds looking for living things. Please make sure you have wellies in school! I wonder how what we find will compare with what we found at Hillier gardens? Perhaps you could have a hunt around your own gardens to see what you can find. I would love to see photos of your findings!


See you bright and early in the morning!

Mrs Weight :)

Autumn 2, Week 2

Autumn 2, Week 2 1
Autumn 2, Week 2 2
Autumn 2, Week 2 3

Autumn 2, Week 1


What an amazing first week back year 2! We are all amazed at how grown up and focussed you have returned after half term! After having read with so many of you last week, it is clear that your fluency and confidence is really growing. Keep reading as often as you can at home or at least 4 times a week to keep this going. 


This is week, you have done lots of addition and subtraction using structured number lines and shown you’re understanding using part-whole models and bar models. You are showing so much confidence now and I have been so impressed at how well you’ve remembered to include your units of measurement, in not only your answers, but your calculations too (the unit of measurement being the ‘p’ sign this week as we’ve been using pence!). Next week, we’re moving our learning onto that of multiplication! So practise counting in 2s, 5s and 10s at home please this week! 


In writing, we’ve started looking at the book, ‘See under the sea’ which we’ve been using to find out facts about animals from tropical waters and icy waters as part of our new writing learning journey. Our final write will be a fact file with questions for headings, the use of the coordinating conjunctions; and/but/so and lots of important and interesting facts!


Last Week, we also thought carefully about Remembrance and you write a very thoughtful poem as a class which I’ve added a photograph of below. You also completed some fabulous paintings using sponge printing to create a field of poppies which were painted with your fingertips. Some of you may have seen our school’s remembrance board at the local church yesterday!


I’m looking forward to seeing you all next week,

Mrs Weight 😃

Autumn 2, Week 1

Autumn 2, Week 1 1 Sorting facts
Autumn 2, Week 1 2
Autumn 2, Week 1 3
Autumn 2, Week 1 4 The life bus came to school!
Autumn 2, Week 1 5
Autumn 2, Week 1 6
Autumn 2, Week 1 7
Autumn 2, Week 1 8
Autumn 2, Week 1 9 Our class poem
Autumn 2, Week 1 10 Lots of focussed reading!
Autumn 2, Week 1 11
Autumn 2, Week 1 12
Autumn 2, Week 1 13