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Autumn 2

Week 6


Well, what a week we’ve had! We finally performed our Nativity play to our families on Monday and Wednesday. We were extremely nervous when faced with such big audiences, but showed lots of courage and really did ourselves proud. Thank you to everyone who came to watch us - we hope you enjoyed it.


Christmas has well and truly begun to arrive in Dolphins Class. On Monday the children found two boxes full of decorations and set to work making the classroom and outdoor area look festive!



In maths this week we have been learning about the concept of ‘one more’ and ‘one less’. We played a game where we had to roll a die and then cover the number which showed one more with a counter. We also learned what a five frame is and used it to help us find one more and one less of different amounts within 5.



Our outdoor role play area has turned into Santa’s workshop. We’re really enjoying pretending to be elves and wrapping up presents ready to be delivered on Christmas Eve.


In RE we have been finding out about why Christians perform Nativity plays at Christmas time. We learned that the Nativity is the story of Jesus’ birth and that Jesus is important to Christians because of all of the stories he told and how much he helped other people. We have been retelling the story using our special nativity set.



We’ve been putting our writing skills into practice by writing Christmas cards and messages. We’re starting to use our phonics board more to figure out what graphemes to use. We even used our knowledge to write a message to Jump Start Jonny! We split into two groups to write separate letters and then mixed them together to send him an email… I hope he writes back to us!


Group 1 - To Jump Start Jonny. We love you. From Dolphins.



Group 2 - To Jump Start Jonny. Do you have a Christmas activity? From Dolphins.



Finally, we ended the week with a Santa Dash! This was like the Daily Mile… but Christmassy! Schools across Hampshire took part in this event today - the idea was to get as many children in the area as possible moving all at the same time. Each child had their own running number and chose how to move. Some of us moved like Santa, some like reindeer and others danced around the playground like snowflakes. A couple of children even hopped around like carrots!




Week 5


We’ve been working so hard on our nativity play this week. We’ve even had a go at rehearsing with our costumes on! Getting undressed, dressed and then undressed and dressed again without losing any of our clothes or getting our outfits mixed up is very difficult, but we have been doing an amazing job. We even performed our play to the rest of the school and the children and staff at Catherington Nursery. We can’t wait for you to see it next week.


We have been learning all about the Hindu festival Diwali this week. We learned that it’s a Festival of Lights and listened to the story of Rama and Sita. Then we made diva lamps out of clay, designed Mehndi hands and created rangoli patterns using numicon, chalk and leaves.



Our Book Talk task this week was to think about the story ‘On the Way Home’. In this book, a little girl called Claire invents all kinds of reasons for how she got a grazed knee on her way home from school. The children in Dolphins Class had to think of their own reason for Claire having a grazed knee. They drew some wonderful pictures.


One of the best parts of our week was when we got to look at each other’s homework projects. I can’t believe how clever the Dolphins have been! We had lots of time to share our home learning with each other and even visited Seahorses and Turtles class to see what they have been up to. Thank you to all of the parents and grandparents who have helped the children to get so much out of their projects this term - they’re wonderful!


Week 4


This week we started to practise our Nativity play in the hall. We’re trying really hard to remember all of the things we need to do and can’t wait to show you what we’ve been up to!


We finished learning all of our new phonemes and graphemes for this term in phonics. For the rest of this term we’ll be going over everything we’ve learned so far.


We had lots of exciting challenges to complete in Discovery Time this week. We explored materials to see which things are reflective and which things aren’t (we were amazed to see that some materials even make rainbows when we shine a light on them!), used prepositional language to take Rosie and a fox on a walk around a farmyard and made silly soup using rhyming words, too.


In music we looked at different instruments and listened to the different sounds they made when we played them. We thought about the story The Rainbow Fish and decided which instruments best matched the characters. 


In Outdoor Explorers we looked at Rosie’s Walk again and picked out the prepositional language. We talked about ‘above’, ‘underneath’, ‘around’ and other words, then went onto the field to hide little people! We were really good at using the words we’d learned to describe where we had hidden our toys.




Week 3


This week our maths focus has been on shape. We explored different 2D shapes and talked about their properties. We looked at some of the Mr Men and identified what 2D shapes their bodies were. Then we sorted shapes into hoops depending on which Mr Men’s house we thought they would go into.


We were able to link our shape work to our special Interfaith lessons on Monday. We learned about the Islamic faith and found out about different types of Islamic art. We then had a go at creating our own geometric art by printing shapes onto card.



On Thursday, during our Big Write session, we wrote a list of things someone would need if they wanted to make their own geometric art. We worked really hard to identify the initial sounds in each of the words, and even spotted some middle and end sounds, too. We wrote ‘paint, shapes, apron, card’ and even had a go at writing the word ‘Islamic’. 


Our Book Talk book from last week was Mr Big. This week, we thought about the structure of the story. Our challenge was to figure out what happened at the beginning, middle and end. We cut out pictures and stuck them in order on a little story frame.


We have spent lots of time exploring light and dark this week. We turned all of the lights off and shone torches through different coloured acetate to see what would happen. Then we made a cave so that we could explore further. Some of us even used what we’d found out by making our own coloured light tubes at the junk modelling table. We stuck different coloured cellophane to tubes and boxes to see what would happen when we shone light through them.


We were amazed to find out that we can mix colours of light together just like mixing paint - red and yellow cellophane made an orange light; blue and yellow made green! 


In Well-being Time we learned ‘Mirror Mirror’. We spent some time thinking about how to be kind to ourselves and practised filling up our own buckets by saying positive things into a mirror.



We’ve been writing lots in Discovery Time! This week we’ve written letters to nocturnal animals, labels for farm animals and continued to try to write our names as well as the graphemes and tricky words we’ve been learning. We’re getting more and more confident as each week goes by.







Week 2


This week in phonics we learned four new graphemes. We have been trying to apply what we’ve been learning in discovery time. This week we had to try to make words using bottle tops. First we sounded out and blended to read the words, then we looked for the right graphemes to put into our phoneme frames.



In maths we have been working with the number four. We’ve looked at it in different contexts and talked about whether the number is still the same even if it looks different. In discovery time, our maths challenge was to read numerals to 5, count out the correct number of counters to match and then find the numicon picture to go with each number. We did really well with this!


Last week we started ‘Book Talk’. This is when we share a book together and spend time exploring the characters and story. One book lasts a whole week, so we really get a chance to delve into it. Last week our Book Talk book was Zim Zam Zoom. This week we were able to explore Zim Zam Zoom independently, too. We practised saying the words whilst looking in a mirror and then made rockets using shapes. 


We’ve started to learn about nocturnal animals as part of our Light and Dark topic. We’ve had lots of fun cutting out pictures and having a go at writing some animal names in order to make posters for the classroom.


We enjoyed our music lesson this week. We practised singing our names and then explored the sounds made by some instruments. We had a go at playing them loudly and quietly and played a game where we had to guess which instrument was being played. Some of us then continued to use the instruments during discovery time.



This week we have spent lots of time discussing remembrance. We thought about memorials and why people like to spend time on 11th November remembering people who have served in the armed forces or who are serving still. We learned about poppies and then had a go at making our own poppy fields using string, sponge and paint.



Week 1


This week has been jam-packed full of new learning and experiences. In phonics we learned ff, ll, ss and j. We enjoyed learning how to write ‘j’ because we had to draw a line down a jellyfish body and then dot it on the head! 


In maths we have been thinking about the number 5. We talked about why we say ‘high five’ and how we can use the fingers on one hand to represent the number. We collected objects and counted them out onto hand templates before looking at how the number is represented on a die. We then moved on to counting out objects onto two dice and noticed that this made the number 10. We ended the week with a scavenger hunt to practise reading numerals.



We read lots of stories in Dolphins Class. This half term we are starting Book Talk. During this time, we look at an exciting book together. We spend a few days reading it as a class and ask and answer lots of questions about the characters and story. 
Our first Book Talk book is Zim Zam Zoom. It’s a book of poems and contains a lot of fun pictures as well as interesting rhymes. Next week the children will be able to explore the book independently during Discovery Time.



We thought about our first school disco during our Big Write session this week. We worked hard to identify different sounds in the words we wanted to write and picked them out on our phonics wall. We wrote: 


We did some dancing
We had pizza and hotdogs.



We started a new music topic, too. All of our learning in music this half term will be based around the story ‘The Rainbow Fish’. We read the story and thought about marine animals. We listened to The Carnival of the Animals by Camille Saint-Saens and moved like sea creatures. 


We’re continuing our work in funky fingers each day. This week we walked on bucket stilts, waved pom-poms and took part in dough gym activities.


Finally, we learned about why 5th November is an important date. We listened to the story of the Gunpowder Plot and learned the rhyme ‘Remember, Remember the 5th November’. We had a go at making wax resist firework pictures as well as using chalk on black sugar paper to make our own firework displays.