This half term we are exploring the values of Love and Respect in collective worship.
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Autumn 1 - 2022

Week 3


This week in writing, the children started the week completing their posters all about them. They used capital letters, full stops and the conjunction ‘and’ in their writing and produced great work. We are really proud of them!

During the second part of the week, we started our new writing learning journey using the text, Dogger! We have read some of the book and picked out the main parts of the story so far. We then created a class story map using pictures and language from the text. 

Well-being Time

Well-being Time

This week, we played passing the actions in our well-being time. The children had to concentrate and work together to pass the action at the correct time. We even tried passing two actions at the same time! 

Design Technology - Perfecting our cutting skills


In maths this week, the children used bar models and cherry (part-whole models) to show number pairs to 4, 5 and 6. We started thinking about working systematically in order to find all of the possibilities. We used ,ash’s equipment to support our thinking too.

Catherington Walk - We found lots of physical and human features on our walk

Adventure Time!

Computing - Using a trackpad


This week in computing, the children learnt about the differences between desktop computers and laptop computers.  They learnt the names of the parts of each and then in pairs, used a laptop to play a game which had them practising moving puzzle pieces around the screen. 

Week 2

Music - identifying high & low notes with our hands as rabbit ears.

Science-Seasonal changes. What lives on our school field in Autumn?

Adventure Time

Meet the Teacher - Turtle Class PowerPoint

Week 1

Adventure Time!

Maths - Ordering numbers


This week in maths, we have been counting, ordering and comparing numbers. We have used different maths resources to show our thinking and we even learnt about the greater than (>) and less than (<) symbols and refreshed our knowledge of the equal to (=) symbol. 

Gymnastics - Making narrow shapes


This week in gymnastics, we were thinking about how to make our bodies into narrow shapes. We practised making a variety of narrow shapes and tried to experiment with different levels. Then, we made a little routine of moving from one narrow shape to another slowly through the count of 8! 

Computing - Technology or not technology?


This week in computing, we learnt about what the word technology means. The children then sorted a variety of images into two piles - technology or not technology. The children looked at the objects and asked themselves whether or not it was made by humans and helped us do something. They were really good at distinguishing between the two. 


This week in writing, we started our new writing learning journey using the book, ‘How to build another me’. The children have been learning to use capital letters and full stops to punctuate sentences and have written sentences about how they look and what they like. They have been building the words they want to write using the sounds they know. They have worked really hard!