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Autumn 1 2021

Week 6


Dolphins, you made it! A whole half term of school finished… and what a half term it’s been. You have all worked incredibly hard over the past 7 weeks and we’re very proud of how well you’ve settled in. 

Last week we measured out salt, flour and water to make salt dough. Then we rolled it out and cut it into autumn leaf shapes. This week, we mixed autumn colours together to paint our leaves. 


In RE we continued to think about the Christian story of creation. We looked at the ‘Big Frieze’ on our playground and found the story of creation on it (it’s the part with all of the paint pots!). Then we thought about what we’re thankful for and drew our ideas on the playground. We came up with lots of ideas - our parents, our pets, our friends and many more.



In Funky Fingers we’ve been winding up clockwork toys, making lollipops out of play doh and drawing spirals. We’ve also spent a lot of time this week practising our ‘beaky bird’ grip when using a pen or pencil.


We’ve continued our phonics sessions by getting to grips with the sounds G, O and C and found out that the sounds we’re learning are called phonemes.


In maths we helped a very confused Postman figure out how to find out how many objects he had altogether. We also practised counting by throwing beanbags into hoops on the playground. This was lots of fun!

What a lot of learning we’ve done… it’s time for you to have a well-deserved rest 😊


Week 5


We’ve had another super week in Dolphins Class. Our funky fingers sessions have been lots of fun. We’ve strengthened our arms, hands, fingers and bodies by using rollers to paint water onto walls, play hopscotch, bat balls to each other and draw on the playground with chalk. Inside the classroom we’ve used play doh to make pumpkins, scarecrow hats, pine cones, nuts and hedgehog spikes. We’ve also stretched elastic bands onto peg boards which was very tricky!


In phonics we learned four new sounds: I, N, M and D. We practised the actions for each sound and learned some songs to help us remember them, too. We also blended some of our sounds for the first time, putting I, N, S and A together to make words like in, is and at. 

Maths has been great! We used the numberblocks One, Two and Three to help us start to recognise different amounts without counting them out.



We had our first RE lessons this week. We listened to the Christian story of creation and thought about what makes life so special. We also had our first Well-being lesson where we had to figure out what picture these shapes made… we used our imaginations to come up with our own ideas until we were shown that they made a stick person called Drew! Drew is going to help us explore our feelings and will teach us tricks to use when we feel worried or upset.


In Outdoor Explorers we learned about a famous artist called Andy Goldsworthy. Andy makes art out of things he finds in nature. We looked at some of his creations and were inspired to make our own brilliant natural sculptures on the school field.






Week 4


We started to learn our first sounds during phonics this week and now know how to recognise and say the sounds s, a, t and p. We also worked hard to learn an action for each sound and are already doing a super job of practising these sounds at home. 

During funky fingers this week we have done more work on our fine motor skills, using scissors to chop play doh snakes into pieces. We used tweezers to pick buttons out of play doh, too.



In Outdoor Explorers we thought about what Autumn looks like on our field and went on a detective mission to find Autumn clues! We found lots of sycamore seeds, brown, yellow and red leaves, juicy blackberries and conker cases. We thought about the word ‘change’ and what it means for things to change in nature.



This week in maths we have being doing lots of work on repeating patterns. We learnt what a repeating pattern is and have been using different materials to make our own, like:


* dipping animals into paint and making patterns with their footprints

* making multilink towers with repeating colours

* using the natural materials we collected during Outdoor Explorers 

* cutting up fruit and making fruit kebabs


In PE we used the parachute for the first time and enjoyed playing different games with it.



We started Everybody Reading sessions, too. Every day we spend time looking at and enjoying books together. We can choose any book we like and can decide to read it on our own, with a friend or with a grown up. This is a very special time for us because we get to explore all of the different books in our classroom and can take pleasure in getting lost in a good book 😊


Week 3


This week in Dolphins Class we learned what the word respect means and thought about how we can show respect to each other. We have learned about respecting the world by being careful with our litter and recycling the right things. In Discovery Time we made labels for our bins and re-used junk to make robots.



In Funky Fingers we had lots of fun putting Cheerios on spaghetti to make towers of cereal!

In maths this week we have been comparing objects and learning the words bigger, smaller, longer, shorter, more and fewer. We helped Daddy Mo and Baby Mo make a picnic that was the right size for them and we used multi link cubes to make towers of different heights.


In Outdoor Explorers we had a go at putting on our full wet weather gear… it was tricky, but we managed it and it meant that we could carry on with our outside learning even though it was wet and rainy.



Other highlights of our week have been exploring the jungle in PE, playing different instruments in our first music lesson and joining Years 1 and 2 in the hall for our first ever whole school Worship. We’re really getting the hang of school now!

Week 2


We’ve had another busy week this week in Dolphins Class. In maths, we read a book called The Button Box. We looked at different buttons and noticed that they came in all kinds of shapes, sizes and materials. We counted our buttons in different ways. We even figured out how many buttons we had by listening to them clattering into a box and counting how many sounds we heard.



We also read a book called Simon Sock, a story all about a sock who can’t find his partner! We helped to count and pair up lots of different socks and even sorted some different foods into sweet/not sweet piles so that Simon and his friend Betty would both enjoy their tea party.



In Funky Fingers we’ve been practising our scissor skills by cutting out different shapes. We’ve also been threading pictures, which we really enjoyed!


We had our first Outdoor Explorers session on Tuesday. We have been thinking about the area surrounding our school and went out to see what lies beyond our gates. We found a pond, a pre-school, a cemetery, a field, a car park and a pub! Some of us knew these places well and some of us were noticing them for the first time. Then we enjoyed playing on the field together.


We have been listening to and learning lots of different sounds again in our phonics sessions, playing with new friends and having lots of exciting experiences in Discovery Time, and we’ve even started to learn some songs for our Harvest Festival. I’m sure your children would love to give you a rendition of ‘Big Red Combine Harvester’! 

Well done for completing another fantastic week, Dolphins!


Week 1

What a week we’ve had! The children have settled into school life brilliantly. They have been busy learning new rules and routines, making friends and exploring our classroom, playground and field.

In Funky Fingers, we’ve enjoyed strengthening our hands and fingers by threading beads, rolling play doh and balancing marbles on golf tees.


In phonics, we have been making and listening to sounds. We even went on a listening walk to see what we could hear outside.

In maths, we have been singing lots of counting songs together. We worked together to sort farm animals and dinosaurs into different groups and played What’s the Time, Mr Wolf as a class. This was great fun!

We love Discovery Time. In this time we have been making new friends, enjoying all of the toys and equipment on offer, writing messages to Dynamo, making play doh families, building houses out of junk and designing and building houses in the outdoor construction area. We’ve even talked about love as a Christian value and what it means to be loving to others. My bucket is well and truly full! Time for a well deserved rest, Dolphins!