This half term we are thinking about friendship and love in collective worship.
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Autumn 1 2020

We are so happy to all be back together in school and the new Turtle class have been delighted to see their friends again. Miss Carville, Mrs Grant, and Mrs Hext are very proud of the turtles with how well they have settled into our new routines and the effort they have given to their work.


This week in Mathematics we have been ordering and comparing numbers up to 20 as well as practising counting forwards and backwards with numbers to 50. We were able to create our own number lines and then by the end of the week we could identify given digits to 20 and order them from smallest to greatest. Please see some pictures below of the children hard at work creating their own number lines.

In Geography this week we really enjoyed identifying Catherington village on Google earth, we could zoom in and see our school. The children really enjoyed looking at some of the key features of Catherington village and comparing them to features of a Town or City. We then discussed the difference between a human and physical feature before the children had a go at sorting some pictures into those that were human features and those that were physical. I was very impressed at how the children could explain to me their reasoning.

In music we listened to a classroom sounds audio and identified different sound sources and materials. We analysed the duration and dynamics of sounds around the school. We then used objects from around our classroom to create sound patterns and recorded them to make our own classroom sounds audio. Mrs Mannie was our conductor and did a superb job, Thank you Mrs Mannie!

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I just wanted to take this opportunity to mention that your children will be able to change their reading book on a Monday and a Thursday!