This half term we are thinking about friendship and love in collective worship.
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Autumn 1 2019

Week 7
Another great week Dolphins. We made a message centre in the classroom and then had great fun writing messages to each other and putting them in envelopes.
In maths we were practicing matching amounts with numbers to 10. We made leaf crowns and yummy fruit kebabs. 
Today we had a visit from a real policeman! PC Weight told us all about his job and the clothes he has to wear. We learnt that policemen are there to help us and keep us safe. His uniform was very heavy!
Week 6
This week in p.e we were learning how to keep control over a ball when kicking it. We also played team games and played a little game of football. It was hard to understand how to play but we all tried our best.


Still image for this video
In Maths we have been matching numbers to amounts and then putting numbers in order to make a number line.
A big thank you to all parents who have brought in items for snack time, I really appreciate it. If you would like to donate have a look at the rota on the big board on the playground each morning. 

Week 5

This week we have been thinking about the real superheroes in our world. We have learnt about the different jobs policemen do. We made a role play police station and have enjoyed playing it during discovery time. 

In maths we have been looking at each of the numbers to ten. We were introduced to numicon and had fun using this to make numbers. We were also learning to work with a partner and share. 
We learnt 4 new sounds in phonics this week. Our favourite one was ‘m’ as we got to make pictures of our mummy’s. We hope you like them.
In discovery time we have been learning how to make models and some of us made a keep fit trail for police men!


This week we started learning the sounds s, t, a, p. We found things which begin with these sounds and played lots of fun games. Ask your child how to do the actions for each of these sounds. 

Also this week we have been thinking about what the word Harvest means. We learnt about the things farmers do at Harvest time and listened to the story of The Little Red Hen. She was trying to make bread and nobody would help her. We decided to make bread rolls by working as a team. We learnt about the words knead and rise. See if your child can remember what those 2 words mean.
During funky fingers sessions this week we focused on not only strengthening our fingers but improving our balance and strength in our elbows and shoulders. 
In maths we continued to practice counting of objects and were making patterns with 2 or 3 different colours.
We love having different choices at snack time and are really good at buttering our own bread, pouring milk on to our cereal and washing it all up afterwards. Well done Dolphins.
We often exercise using the Jumpstart Jonny online exercise videos when we have been sitting down for a long time. This video shows us working out this week. Check out the Jumpstart Jonny videos online at home.


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Another super busy week for Dolphins even if it has been a bit wet.

Have you ever wondered what we do after we leave you all in the playground? Here are just a few pictures to show you how busy we are from the moment we step into school!

In P.E this week we were learning to bounce balls on the spot and throw them into hoops. It was quite tricky. 
We have been learning about God and the bible this week. We learnt that Christians believe God created the world and we can find this story in the bible. We found the picture of creation on the wall in the playground and in the hall. Have you seen it too? 
The rain didn’t stop us having fun in Discovery Time. Some of us loved playing the pouring rain wearing full wet weather gear and wellies! 
We really loved sharing our scrapbooks with our new friends. We listened so carefully to each other and were very respectful.


We have been super busy this week doing lots of new things. On Monday we changed into our p.e clothes and did p.e with Mr Haunstrup.

We also went down to the field to search for different natural objects which were the same colour as our maps.
In Maths we have been practicing our counting and matching amounts to numbers. 
We really enjoy Funky Finger sessions where we strength our fingers, hands, arms, elbows and shoulders in fun ways ready for when we start writing. 
Our favourite time of the day is Discovery Time where are starting to make good friends with other children. 

Our First 2 days at school


Well done Dolphins you have shown lots of courage over the last 2 days. There are so many new things for you to learn but you have all tried your best. You have been kind to your new friends and very helpful to the adults in school. Have a good rest this weekend ready for lots more fun next week!