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Autumn 1 2019

When the fire Service came to the Seahorse class!

Our trip to Hillier Gardens

Autumn 1, Week 6 


You’ve had a very busy couple of weeks Seahorses! You have completed writing your poems using adjectives, prepositions, adverbs and powerful verbs and they sound great! Next week, we will be writing a recount of our very exciting trip to Hillier gardens (photographs to follow).


In maths, you have done lots of learning using money and now we going to be adding and subtracting money and representing our thinking as bar models and part-whole models. Your addition and subtraction will require you to use your number facts to 10 and 20 and add and subtract 10s and other single digit numbers. You will need to think about the maths resources you have in the classroom to help you to solve the different problems you are faced with. 


Mrs Negas will be visiting us again next week too and we will be using plastic to help us create more fantastic art work! How lucky are we?!


See you all tomorrow!

Mrs Weight πŸ˜€



Autumn 1, Week 4


Another week full of hard work!


You did some amazing 3-D art work with Mrs Negus last week - have a look at the photographs below!


Next week in maths, you will do some measuring using rulers and centimetres. You will then be comparing lengths and using the symbols < > and = to do so. 


In writing, we will be continuing our learning journey towards our final outcome of a poem. You will be learning about adverbs and how to make them from adjectives using the suffix ‘ly’. You will also be writing a description as a one-off writing task of the sea animals you have been looking at and building word banks for. 


Mrs Weight πŸ˜ƒ

Autumn 1, Week 4

Autumn 1, Week 3


This week has been your best week so far Seahorses. You have shown me how ready for year 2 you are with a really positive attitude towards your learning. I was also really impressed with the homework many of you produced! There were some excellent word choices from a number of you in your description task. Next Friday, I will be starting a weekly test of your spelling words from the previous week to see how hard you have worked to learn them! I hope to be really impressed!


Next week in writing, we will be starting a new writing unit where the final written outcome will be a poem! We will start the week reading some poetry and looking closely at the language used by the writer. 


In maths this week, we will continue with our number bonds work and you will be solving problems involving these important facts. 


On Tuesday, you will show the school our class assembly - remember to keep practising the poem at home! 


Also on Tuesday, we will have a special visitor, Mrs Negus, who is an artist and teacher. She will be doing some art with us using all the plastic you collected for me! It’ll be fab! 


See you tomorrow!

Mrs Weight πŸ˜€

Autumn 1, Week 3

Autumn 1, Week 2


What a busy second week you have had! Well done for working so hard.


Scroll down for some pictures of the fabulous sketches the Seahorses drew this week of their chosen sea animal.


Next week in maths, we will be doing some work on number bonds below ten. You will be learning to partition numbers below ten into number bonds and investigating how many bonds each number has for example: 1+4=5 and 2+3=5. You will be showing your thinking as bar models, part-whole models, number sentences and with practical apparatus. 


In writing, you will finish writing your postcards and then learn how to evaluate your writing against the success criteria we have created as a class using a colour key. 


We we will also be preparing for our class assembly! 


Mrs Weight πŸ˜€


Autumn 1, Week 2

Autumn 1, Week 1


Welcome to Seahorse class year 2! What a busy first week we had!


In maths, we have been working on place value and using maths equipment to show what we understand about 2-digit numbers! We’ve also been ordering numbers from the smallest to the largest and explaining how we know that we’re correct, using our knowledge of place value. Next week, we will be counting ten more and ten less and solving problems involving this process. 


In writing, we have already completed lots of learning surrounding our new book, ‘Dougal’s deep sea diary’. We have read the book several times, ordered the events of the story, created a bank of powerful adjectives and written sentences using expanded noun phrases. Next week, we will be learning how to write exclamatory sentences. What fun we are going to have! We will also think about the features of a postcard (as that will be our final written outcome for this learning journey) and we will be planning our postcards. 


In art, we will be drawing sea creatures using pencil and creating detail using patterns. I know you’re amazing little artists and that you’re going to love this! 


In R.E, we will start thinking about what we already understand about the Christian creation story and then start to dig deeper.


We have also started our new topic - Plastic Planet. The children have looked at lots of photographs of some of the world’s seas and beaches which are covered with single-use plastic. The children thought very carefully about how these sights made them feel and what this pollution means for the animals that populate our seas and oceans. They also did some learning about the 7continents of the world and the 5 oceans.  They learnt two very catchy new songs about them too. Below, you will see photographs of the children putting a puzzle of the world together which names the continents and oceans.


Thank you to all the parents who were able to attend the ‘Meet the teacher’ meeting last Wednesday, it was lovely to meet you all. Thank you also for all of the plastic you’ve helped collect! I’m very grateful! 


Mrs Weight πŸ˜ƒ

Autumn 1, Week 1