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Autumn 1 2019

Week 1


Our first week in Turtles went swimmingly! They all worked so hard and I am so proud. 


In English this week we have been practising our capital letters and full stops. We made some actions to help us remember the order too. We have have also been writing sentences about the character Kevin from our book, who wants to buy a robot to be him so he doesn’t have to do any chores. Next week, we will be describing ourselves just like Kevin did and remembering there is only one us! 🌟


In Maths this week we have been practising our counting and recognition of numbers. We have been counting outside and inside and with just about everything. A fantastic effort Turtles! 


We have also been recapping our sounds, this week we practised ch, th, sh and ng. 


Our topic ‘fossils and factories’ has started with lots of fun! We have learnt about Queen Victoria, her children and we have started to learn about her empire. Whilst doing this we learnt the 7 continents through a song. Have you heard it? 


This week we have also started learning about Creation, spent lots of time reading, had our first PE lessons and got to know one another 😀 


A huge well done on your first week in Turtles 🐢🌟

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